2017’s Best Programmer Humor

Why 2017 was a funny year for developers .


1. Working at Porn Hub


2. Happy Birthday, Linux!


3. Every modern detective show


4. Back in my day, you had to roll the volume up yourself


5. Who needs passwords when you have security questions?


6. LPT: How to Wake Up in the Morning


7. This guy knows what’s up


8. You will gain 50 Windows XP


9. This LinkedIn profile


10. Launch a 90dB volume slider over 300 metres


11. What screams: “I’m insecure”?


12. This Comcast user who set up a RasPi to automatically tweet Comcast when his internet is slower than he paid for


13. SQL Clause


14. Erm….


15. Job postings these days..


16. Why are people so mean..


17. Grew up in a tech-y suburb. The graffiti by teenagers around here was a little… different.


18. CPUs


19. My friend just solved his frame drop issues



That’s all folks! Did I miss something? Drop us a comment

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