Giveaway – 5 Developer Licenses of “Paper Kit 2 PRO” ($279 Value Each)

What is Paper Kit 2 PRO?

Paper Kit 2 PRO is a premium Bootstrap 4 UI Kit with a huge number of components, sections, and example pages. All the components are designed to look great together, following the same design pattern. Any elements that are vital to code a web project is already here, fully coded. All components are fully responsive and look great on every screen size. Transitions, shadows, colors, they all resemble the flow you would have using pieces of paper.

The idea behind Paper Kit 2 PRO is creating beautiful, playful design. We have created the UI Kit kit having pastel colors and paper in mind. It feels light, fresh and easy to go through. It looks great with illustrations and drawings but also using images. It features beautiful typography, font icons, and thoughtful layouts.



Paper Kit 2 PRO contains a lot of pages already designed and implemented. The pages are created for basic flows like registering, building a profile, adding and searching for products. Either you are building a blog or an e-commerce, the examples can help you jump start it.


What is new in V2.0.0?

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The giveaway

If you’re interested in Paper Kit 2 Pro, we have 5 full developer licenses to giveaway (279$ each one).

Each package features:

  • 1000 handcrafted components;
  • 7 plugins;
  • 15 example pages;
  • documentation;
  • fully responsive;
  • Bootstrap 4 based.

Below you will find all the info on how to get them:

Paper Kit 2 PRO

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49 thoughts on “Giveaway – 5 Developer Licenses of “Paper Kit 2 PRO” ($279 Value Each)

  1. Hey there,

    Just yesterday, I was hunting products on ProductHunt when I came across a bootstrap 3 UI kit called Get Shit Done. I then visited the website linked there and experienced the live demo and witnessed the beautiful components. After the eye soothing experience I was definitely interested to know more about the developers and designers behind it so I start exploring creative-tim!

    And I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your service. I experienced live previews of almost every template that is there and each of them is aesthetically designed! The update frequencies of the templates suggest that you guys work hard on the templates even after they are released, which is so rare nowadays. I also saw that customers’ comments (queries) were answered within a day or two, it’s great to see the friendly business relationship and it definitely shows that staff is consistently making extra efforts to assist keep the customers happy!

    All in all I would like to compliment your excellent workmanship, a commendable job you guys are doing, keep it up! ✨👏🏻

    Thank you!

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